Chance UK

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Location of benefit: 
UK only (local)

Our Vision
For every child in the UK to feel happy about themselves, realise their potential, and be confident in their ability to build a brighter future.
Our Mission
Chance UK supports primary school children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties through an award-winning mentoring and
parent programme. Many of the children we work with have either been excluded from school or at risk of exclusion at time of referral to our service.

We empower children to develop their skills, confidence and life aspirations through a year-long mentoring programme by providing each child a
year of one-to-one mentoring sessions with a carefully screened, trained and supported adult volunteer mentor. Depending on the child’s interest,
sessions could include playing basketball in the park, making a scrapbook, spotting animals at a local farm or visiting a fire station.

During a full year of weekly sessions, our mentoring programme is shown to boost the child’s self-esteem, their ability to make the right decisions,
and decrease their behavioural difficulties. Simultaneously, Chance UK works with their parents and carers, offering tailored support that ranges
from advocacy to financial help and parenting strategies.

Money raised for Chance UK goes towards training and supporting our fantastic mentors and providing that much needed family support.
Our Impact
98% of Chance UK children show reductions in levels of behavioural difficulties and over 60% show no behavioural difficulties at all by the end of the year.