Used Car Disposal

When your car is beyond repair, the question many people ask is: what do I do with it? Many people simply don’t know what to do with an unwanted car. Whilst most people seek out how to dispose of their car in a safe and environmentally-conscious way, the actions of others has meant car disposal has posed a real problem.

Car cemetary

Until August 2010 a legal loophole allowed millions of cars to be scrapped but not deregistered, which environmentalists claim has led to tyre-dumping as well as thousands of tonnes of oil and brake fluid being poured down drains. The DVLA claims that it will take at least two years to issue new registration documents to every car owner, which could mean another 300,000 to 400,000 cars slipping through the net. Unlicensed vehicles are another issue, with the Department for Transport estimating that there are over one a half million unlicensed vehicles in use or abandoned in the UK.

Figures from the DVLA show that every year, approximately two million vehicles are taken off the road, yet only 50% of these cars are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. All cars donated to Giveacar are disposed of legally to the highest environmental standards.

Environmentally Friendly Car Disposal

The legal car disposal process is fairly straightforward, as well as environmentally friendly. Under the Environment Agency Regulations, cars can no longer just be scrapped.They have to be de-polluted in accordance with UK and EU legislation, and 85% of car materials have to be recycled under the European End-of-Life Vehicle Directive. By January 2015 95% of car materials will have to be recycled. The process of vehicle de-pollution involves two main functions; firstly the recovery of all components and fluids that can be recycled and re-used, and secondly the removal of all elements of a vehicle that are potentially harmful to the environment. All car disposals of cars donated to Giveacar are handled at Authorised Treatment Facilities that recycle a minimum of 85% of the weight of the car.

Car being towed away

If you’re worried about car disposal, look no further. Just give Giveacar a call on 020 7736 4242 and we will arrange for your car to be collected free of charge. Not only will you have the peace of mind of knowing your car is being disposed of safely and efficiently - you'll also be helping your favourite cause.