Scrapping a car

Giveacar are specialists in nationwide car scrapping. We dispose of thousands of scrap vehicles every year, and know exactly what to do when it comes to the end of a vehicles life.

The motivations for used car disposal are endless. Day after day, we hear different reasons. Potentially the most common, is that the car’s road tax has expired, leaving the owner in a fluster to ensure the car is taken away as soon as possible. Another common reason is that someone’s relatives might have passed away and they inherited a deceased person's car. We are frequently donated cars which customers have inherited, but have no use for. Often, they are at the opposite end of the country. In these cases, we ask the new owners to leave the keys and paperwork with a trustworthy neighbour.

We also often get requests to scrap foreign cars. We can take them all, French, German, Italian, Spanish - we'll be happy to take it! Owners might have recently joined a Car Club - again, happy to take their cars away!

Scrapping a car does not need to be a tiresome process. In fact, it can be fairly rewarding. We all take pleasure in recycling, and donating to charity and at Giveacar we have combined the two to give you a pleasurable way of getting rid of a car. So, if you are in need of a hassle-free, ethical method of car disposal, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We can organise the donation of your car to charity in a short phone call. All the paperwork is handled, and you’ll be sent a receipt around six weeks after the donation to tell you exactly how much your vehicle raised for your chosen charity. If it all sounds very simple – that is because it is! If you want to know the cost of scrapping a car - it is free!

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