Salvage cars

At Giveacar we try and make the most of the cars we are given so that we can generate the highest possible donation for our charity partners. If your car is relatively new, even if it’s not in working condition, instead of scrapping it we will enter it into an auction where it is likely to make significantly more for your charity of choice.

If your car does not have a valid M.O.T. certificate or if does not start up or run it will be entered into an auction through our partner, car salvage auction specialists Bluecycle. Bluecycle have been trading since 2000 and they handle the sale of over 60,000 cars per year. As the leading salvage car auction site they are able to offer a huge market for our donated cars.

salvage car

Bluecycle operate a very efficient and professional service. So if we have decided to put your car into a salvage auction you can expect Bluecycle to have collected promptly after submitting your initial request. Your car will then be safely stored before being auction within a few weeks of being collected. After being purchased at auction it will either be returned to working condition or dismantled for parts, generating a fantastic donation for your favourite charity.

Non Salvage Cars

If your car is still a runner, is relatively new and has a valid MOT certificate it can be placed into an auction with another of our partners Manheim. Manheim operate 19 auction centres across the UK and continue to win awards every year for the high quality of their service. If your car is to be auctioned through Manheim you can expect a hefty donation to be generated for your charity of choice.

salvage car

If we have chosen to auction your car through Manheim you can be assured that it will not be scrapped and will continued to be used by its new owner. This way we can guarantee that nothing of your donation will be wasted and a significant sum will be raised for charity.

Salvage cars make up around 10% of our donations. If you have a salvage car that you would like to donate, please either contact us on 020 7736 4242, or fill out the following form and a member of staff will get back to you.