Car scrappage

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There are many reasons for car scrappage: perhaps your car has been damaged in an accident and will no longer be able to pass an MOT, or maybe it’s just very old and you fear it’s doing more damage to the environment than a younger model. Whatever the reason, scrapping your car is a great way to reuse an old and unwanted vehicle.

When scrapping your car it is of the utmost importance that you adhere to strict environmental standards. Within a car there are many hazardous and potentially environmentally damaging materials. From the mercury light switches to the engine oil, all of these must be disposed of in the correct manner.

Car Scrappage Process

car scrappage

At Giveacar we only use treatment facilities authorised by the Environment Agency. So you can rest assured that once your car has been taken away it will be recycled to a very high environmental standard. In addition, at least 85% of the car's components will be recycled and put to a new use.

car scrappage

Once it reaches the scrap yard, your car must go through several stages before it is ready to be reused. Firstly, it will be dismantled and all components that are easily accessible, including the tyres, battery and seats, will be removed. The vehicle will then be drained of its fluids, with special care taken over the harmful ones, and then crushed. The next phase involves shredding the car and separating it into three streams, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic scrap. Once the car has been separated by way of a variety of different magnets and current it is ready to be used again.

The recyclable metals are the most highly prized components of your car. This is the reason why car scrappage, and in particular your old banger, is able to produce such a large donation to charity. The recycled metals can be sold as they are or melted down into alloys that will be used to create new structures and vehicles. So, perhaps, one day you might even see your old car again in a new guise!

If you would like to scrap your car, Giveacar offers a free and convenient service. You can call us on 020 7736 4242 or click the button below.

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