Giveacar - Bringing Scrap Car Donation to the UK

Before you found Giveacar, had you ever heard of car donation? Didn't think so. That's because in the UK, people are unfamiliar with the concept. We are pioneers in the field and it is our goal to make the concept as familiar as taking your old pair of jeans down to your local Cancer Research outlet.

Car donation works because it is so simple. Involved in the process are four groups; us (Giveacar), you (the customer), our salvage operator, and finally the charities. Everyone is a winner and here is why:

  • The customer disposes of an unwanted car and is happy on two accounts. Firstly, they do not have to go through the arduous process of scrapping a car. Secondly, they enjoy the satisfaction of benefiting a good cause.
  • Our salvage operator benefits because they are able to add to their output of scrap metal, or charge a (reduced!) fee to put a car into an auction.
  • The charity benefits because they receive a donation for which they do not have to do any work.

How, I am sure you are wondering, does Giveacar benefit? The way in which we benefit is by promoting a concept which we believe to have great potential. We are passionate about car donation, and believe that it can raise millions of pounds for charities in the UK. Every year, over two million vehicles are scrapped in this country. That's an enormous market which we would only need to capture a fraction of to make a big difference. When one considers that a significant proportion of vehicle owners release their cars to scrap dealers without asking for anything in return, it is easy to see why we are so excited about promoting car donation. We want to get the message out to people that their scrap cars are valuable. More importantly however, we want to make sure people act on this information and use it to help a cause close to their heart.

Every time we receive a cheque or payment it provides a fantastic boost, because we know we're helping others. We are laying the foundations for something that could help charities for years to come. Giveacar is in its early stages, but we are starting to generate significant revenue from our donations. Both charities and customers have fully embraced the concept and given time, we hope it will become commonplace. That's the goal, and that's our motivation - to create out of nothing a source of untapped revenue for charities that will help them for years to come. For more information about donating your car, please contact us.

We have written a few articles about car donation - to help you understand it's roots and origins.