Need to scrap your car?

Try giving it to your favourite charity!

Giveacar is a new kind of fundraising organisation. We take old and scrap vehicles and we use them to raise money for good causes, either by recycling them for their scrap value or selling them through auction.

scrap car

Donating scrap cars to charity is a fantastic way to give back – and it won’t cost you a thing.

We offer a FREE, simple and eco-friendly service. We’re approved by the Fundraising Standards Board, and we work with local councils and organisations like Keep Britain Tidy.

Since we started in 2010, we’ve raised over £2 million for charities in the UK and worldwide.

scrap car

Every vehicle - even if it’s just a car’s scrap metal value - is worth something.

Whatever reason you have to scrap a car - or any vehicle for that matter - using Giveacar is the best way to make a real difference while you’re at it. We collect from anywhere in the UK, and you won’t have to do a thing. So why not give us a try, and scrap your car for charity?

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