Press releases

3. Press Releases

Create some buzz by letting the local media know that you have partnered with the Giveacar scheme.

A press release is a great tool for increasing awareness of the partnership, especially in your local area. Simply download and adapt the document to boost your chances of receiving a donation via Giveacar.

Press the button to receive a press release template:

Press Release 1

Some press release tips:

  • Journalists prefer stories that come with an image - if you can, take a picture of a car being donated.
  • A donor case study will almost guarantee coverage - if someone donates a vehicle, ask them why they did it. You may uncover a real gem of a story.
  • We've supplied a very basic title - have a go at coming up with something fun... 'Horse power' 'Bangers' 'Scrap Car Creates Cash Cow'... It all helps to get your story noticed.