Facebook and Twitter

2. Facebook and Twitter

Put out a mention on a Friday afternoon - people tend to arrange car disposals on the weekend. Link the mention to our car donation explanation video or to our pledge page.

Facebook example posts:

  • Donate your unwanted car to [Your Charity]. Please visit [Your Giveacar profile URL] to donate your car now
  • Did you know you can donate your car to [YOUR NAME HERE]? We are now working with Giveacar to turn your old banger into much needed cash for us. To learn more visit www.giveacar.co.uk
  • Thank you to all our supporters who have raised funds for [YOUR NAME HERE] by donating their cars through Giveacar. Visit (RELEVANT ADDRESS ON YOUR WEBSITE) to learn more

Twitter example posts:

  • Donate your car to [YOUR NAME HERE] through @giveacar www.giveacar.co.uk
  • Turn your old banger into a donation with @Giveacar #cardonation
  • Good deed for the day? Pledge your car to charity @giveacar #pledgeyourcar