Vacuums and floor cleaners

Vacuum cleaners in general have a low resale value and so it can be difficult to establish whether they can make a sufficient donation to charity. Models such as Dyson, Hoover and Numatic Henry hoovers are likelier to hold their value in good to fair condition, as are commercial and specialist models. Robotic vacuums, especially Roombas, tend to hold their value quite well. A good rule of thumb is the pricier it was when you bought it, the better it will have held value.

How can I tell if you can collect my vacuum or floor cleaner?

This is a rough guide to what we can and can’t collect. It is not authoritative and does not constitute an offer to collect your hoover or floor cleaner.

Type Can We Collect?
Commercial/Specialist/Industrial Model Very Probably
Robotic / Programmable Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto!
Domestic bagless upright model Probably
Domestic cylinder bagless model Probably
Domestic bagged upright model Probably Not
Domestic bagged cylinder model Probably Not
Handheld / Portable No

What is the procedure to get my vacuum or floor cleaner collected for free?

1. Take a picture and upload it to our site with a description. If you suspect your vacuum may or may not qualify, please include as much additional information as possible. Good info to include:

  • Make and model
  • Year of manufacture (if known)
  • Year of purchase (if known)
  • Any wear and tear (please send supporting pictures)

2. We’ll get back to you and tell you if we think we can collect the vacuum or floor cleaner as promptly as we can, and we aim to contact you the same day.

3. We’ll organise the collection with you over the phone and you can choose your collection date. Collection typically takes between 1 – 5 days.

4. Once the item has been collected we evaluate and sell it on behalf of your charity, organising the donation to go through once we have received the funds from the sale.

5. Your charity receives the funds and sends you a letter of thanks, as do we. These also act as a receipt confirming your donation has reached your chosen charity.

Got any other stuff you want to give to charity?

Great! Have a look at the other items we can take, and see if there is anything else you want to get rid of. Please take a new photo for every new item and upload it to our website with supporting information.

Car donation service:

If you’ve got an old vehicle you no longer need, Giveacar will arrange free collection and scrap or sell the vehicle for you, donating the proceeds to charity.