How much of your old car's value will you give to charity?

You can choose to donate all the money raised or send half to the charity and keep half. Click here to read how car donation works and remember: it doesn't cost you a thing.

Feeling generous?

I want to give it ALL

Need the cash?

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How much can I raise and is it really worth it?

It's worth it - we've raised over £1,000,000 so far. Scrap car donations are based solely on the weight of the metal (so CD players/alloy wheels don't add to the donation). If your car is roadworthy or has desirable parts, we may be able to raise much more by selling it at auction. We deal with hundreds of cars, so we know how to get the best value – often trade prices which are higher than private sales.

Every vehicle is worth something, and not just cars – we take vans, motorbikes and lorries as well. It’s an easy way to get rid of a problem and raise money for a good cause, and at no cost to you. For examples of the good your old car could do, read what our charity partners say about Giveacar.

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