Vehicles with diplomatic plates

Need to get rid of a vehicle registered with diplomatic plates? We can help!

Many car dealers and scrap yards steer well clear of diplomatic cars, meaning getting rid of one can be a bit of a nightmare. However, having successfully dealt with the disposal of a number vehicles registered with diplomatic plates, we’ve got to grips with what can be a very complicated procedure.

Before transferring a diplomatic car to a non-entitled person, the number plates need to be removed and returned to the DVLA. This is because they remain the property of the Department of Transport, regardless of what happens to the vehicle.

All we need to arrange the free collection of your diplomatic car is a copy of the TX22 (for imported vehicles) or TX23 (non-imported vehicles) that has been stamped by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, confirming their permission for re-sale or disposal. You do not need to register the vehicle back to UK plates for us to auction or scrap it.
Your embassy will be able to give you instructions for obtaining the TX22/23 and explain how to get it stamped and go about paying for the outstanding charges on the vehicle.
When the car is collected we will also need the V117 (registration document) and, if the car is to be auctioned, a copy of the receipt confirming that all outstanding charges have been paid, as well as an MOT certificate if relevant.

Then, depending on its age and condition, your car will go through our usual scrap or auction process, with the proceeds going to support the charity of your choice. To arrange the donation of your car to charity, call 0207 736 4242.