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Worldwide (including UK)

WORKAID tackles poverty by supplying disadvantaged people with the tools and equipment they need to acquire skills and become self- supporting. Donated tools and equipment are collected from all over the UK, refurbished and sent to vocational training projects and self- help groups, mostly in East Africa and the UK.

Since 1986, WORKAID has been fighting poverty by helping people to help themselves. We are proud of what we have achieved. Through our partnership with verified vocational training centres we have assisted over 100,000 disadvantaged people with the provision of tools and equipment, so that they may learn a skilled trade and earn a living.
The majority of students are among the most disadvantaged. They include widows and orphans affected by HIV/AIDS, as well as street children, refugees and the disabled.
Our network of 85 Area Organisers, collect tools to be brought to Chesham. Once here, 200 volunteers with 1 full time and 3 part time employees, sort, check and give a new lease of life to sewing machines, knitting machines and all trade / DIY and horticultural tools before they are allocated to an approved project.