Wildlife Heritage Foundation

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Worldwide (including UK)

WHF is the UK's largest specialist BIG CAT breeding and conservation centre Full description:
Wildlife Heritage Foundation (WHF) is a UK based conservation charity (registered number 104420) with a focus on Big Cats. By working with a number of projects around the world and by participating in the European Endangered Species Programme, WHF is striving to save some of the most critically species of cat from extinction.

The focus of the Foundations work is broadly split into four key areas:

• Our ultimate objective is to see the endangered species of cat safely reintroduced into the wild.

• We play an active role in the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme and have enjoyed recent success in the breeding of Amur leopards, Sumatran tigers and Pallas cats.

• The Big Cat Sanctuary provides a safe, secure and stress free environment for the animals we have at our centre in Kent.

• Our education and funding programmes raise awareness among people from all walks of life about the issues, projects and challenges facing these endangered species of cat.

In order to achieve our goals and objectives we rely completely on fundraising and donations from like minded individuals and businesses.