Southampton City Mission (CIO)

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UK only (local)

We are an independent and non-denominational Christian mission seeking to serve the Church as it serves our City.

Each year we help thousands of people facing hardship by providing emergency food and clothing to those in need in Southampton through SCM Basics Bank. We also support schools with their delivery of the Christian elements of the RE curriculum through SCM Schools, helping thousands of children to develop an understanding of the Christian faith.

At SCM Basics Bank clients are referred to us by social workers, health visitors, the Citizens Advice Bureau and other such agencies when they have no other way of feeding and clothing themselves for what ever reason. Our service is non- judgemental and open to anyone referred to us regardless of race, religion or any other characteristic. We give enough food to last 5 days for the number of people in the household and up to 4 sets of clothing each. We chat with them over coffee in our sofa area while the bags are being sorted according to their needs. Sometimes we pray with or for them if they wish.

SCM Schools Work delivers assemblies and engaging, inter-active RE days on Christian elements of the RE syllabus, free of charge to primary schools in and around Southampton.