Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment (S.U.R.E.)

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S.U.R.E. - the Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment - is a local Somerset cancer charity set up in 2000 which provides specialist cancer treatment equipment for the Beacon Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, to enable it to remain a “Centre of Excellence”.

For example S.U.R.E. will provide equipment for new or better treatments that would not otherwise be available, or readily available, within the NHS budget. When patients require Radiotherapy treatment at The Beacon Centre they will have the tumour accurately located on the C.T. Scanner/ Simulator provided by S.U.R.E. The treatment will be planned using a Wacom Tablet (a special computer screen), and then delivered using one of the three linear accelerators (linacs). The treatment can be checked on the Linac, using a Synergy Imaging System (this works as a C.T. scanner)

They will have just used five pieces of equipment supplied by the local charity S.U.R.E.

Firstly, the C.T. Scanner/Simulator was purchased by S.U.R.E.

They will have been held in place on both the Scanner and the Linac by an immobilisation system, which means that each time they receive treatment, they are held in the same position, no matter which machine they are on.
This was purchased by S.U.R.E.

To ensure that the planned treatment will not be harmful to the patient, a similar dose to that planned is given to a device known as a “Phantom”.

S.U.R.E. has funded the provision of four of these that allow the effect of treatment to be calculated for every part of the human body.

S.U.R.E. provided 6 Wacom Tablet Screens.

S.U.R.E also contributed £250,000 to The Synergy Imaging System.

Over and above this, S.U.R.E. continues to provide additional items to help keep the Cancer Centre at the forefront of Cancer Treatment, including Quality Assurance equipment, to always ensure not only the equipment itself is kept to the optimum status, but that patient care is also always catered for. S.U.R.E. are proud that audited accounts show expenses are less than 0.5p in every pound donated.

S.U.R.E. has already donated over £1.8M worth of equipment to the Beacon Centre.

The Beacon Centre has now been recognised as providing high quality cancer care to internationally recognised standards.