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The Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service (ScotsERVS) is an independent Scottish registered charity and providers of the 'blood bike' transport service in Scotland. We provide emergency medical transport services completely FREE to NHS Scotland. As an emergency service, we are often mistakenly overlooked for funding yet we currently receive no NHS or Government help.

Based in NHSGGC (Greater Glasgow and Clyde) a small dedicated team of professionals operate services with only negligible funds - supported entirely through public donation. Trained volunteers provide services supporting the NHS to address equality of access to vital healthcare resources; enabling NHS funds currently spent in urgent transport (paid to expensive taxis/couriers) to be reinvested back into front-line services and patient care.

Our network extends throughout Scotland to provide the sole dedicated transport service to access the only Donor Milk Bank in Scotland (based in Yorkhill Children's Hospital) for NICU/SCBU neonatal units and donor families. Highlighting that case, prior to ScotsERVS involvement Neonatal Units outwith NHSGGC had no reliable way to access donor milk, nor could families in other Health Boards contribute. This meant a pre-term infant born in Glasgow with access to the donor milk service had a 60% greater chance of survival than an infant born with identical clinical needs born only a few miles away in Lanarkshire [Milk Bank Stats: Oct 2011].

ScotsERVS and the Donor Milk Bank are helping change that. By implementing real sustained improvements in our healthcare community since 2011 ScotsERVS have provided the only Donor Milk Transport service in Scotland. Using specialist equipment purchased entirely through fundraising we have, and will, continue to play a major part in reducing infant mortality and addressing healthcare inequality throughout Scotland. We provide doorstep collections from new donors - making it easier, faster and more equitable for the Milk Bank to replenish supply; our on-call professional responders use specially adapted motorcycles and other vehicles to transport any resources critical to patient care on request. We assist the NHS in meeting ongoing increasing demand for vital neonatal healthcare resource; and have the capability to safely transport Blood, Plasma, Platelets, Samples, Vaccines, Donor Breast milk, Surgical Equipment, Apparatus, Organs, Medical Notes and/or any other similar time or condition-critical resources.

We'd be delighted if you decide to fundraise on our behalf!

ScotsERVS - Scottish Emergency Rider Volunteer Service in the News

Maisie is home in Kirkcaldy
What a great day!

Maisie has had a good day and was stable enough to get home, well back to the Victoria in Kirkcaldy.

Bye Bye Glasgow
A big thank you to all the Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Transport People, Housing folk and anyone else that helped out with Maisies stay in Glasgow Mummy and Daddy really appreciated everything that you did.

The hospital tried to lower the pressure they give Maisie today but she is not quite ready to be weaned off the ventilator yet. The pressures are back up and Maisie is getting a higher ammount of Oxygen. This is all part of Maisie recovering from yesterdays operation.

With Maisie having her operation and fasting Mummy has been adding to her milk mountain. Daddy did a bit of research and arranged a meeting with a lady from the Donor Milk Bank. Breast Milk is particulary important for premature and ill babies but sometimes mothers of these babies are unable to provide breast milk. Hopefully Mummy will be able to help some other wee babies as well as Maisie.

Daddy also found away that he may be able to help and also have some fun,,,, Daddy is going to register with ScotsERVS (Emergency Rider Volunteer Service) who support the Donor Milk Bank who assist with the collection and delivery. They are trying to build a network of bikers around Scotland to help with transportation of blood and other medical suppplies.

Thank to everyone for reading this blog and for all the comments, the family find them very encouraging and helpful. We feel a huge strength from the support you are giving us particularly during this difficult week.
It was very hard for half of the family to be in Glasgow and the other half at home.

Thank you, all our love,
Richard, Suzy, Zach, Meghan, Maisie and of course Megan (she has had a great week with so many walks this from everyone looking after her - Thank you)

Strangely enough we're looking forward to going to Kirkcaldy tomorrow, we've missed our new friends there.

Taken from My Amazing Maisie on Blogspot