The Racehorse Sanctuary

HQ Location: 
West Sussex

Location of benefit: 
UK only (nationwide)

The Racehorse Sanctuary is dedicated to retraining racehorses for life after racing.

We aim to re-home our horses, so that the needs of horse and new keeper are aligned, but whatever the circumstances we ensure they are safe for life.

The Racehorse Sanctuary relies entirely on generous donations from loyal supporters to provide thoroughbreds with a Life after Racing.

Whatever the reasons a racehorse has reached the end of its racing career, we offer each horse that comes to us for help, individual assessment and retraining best suited to their capabilities, to prepare them for an active life after racing.

We put a great deal of effort into finding what activity best suits a horse, and will keep them enjoying and interested in life after racing: from dressage to show jumping, eventing, endurance racing, hunting or simply hacking.

We also screen applicants to find a new keeper able to take full responsibility for the horse and to offer it the right home; thereafter we check regularly on our horses’ welfare.

With more difficult horses or those that have suffered injury, retraining requires a considerable level of experience, skill and patience. Even if they cannot be ridden, former racehorses can still enjoy life as companion horses.

If a horse simply cannot be rehomed, or something goes amiss with any arrangement and we take a horse back into our direct care, we provide a safe sanctuary for life.