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So far PEAS has built a network of eight high quality secondary schools in Uganda with plans to expand to Zambia and beyond from next year. In fact, our new strategy will see us create 100,000 school places in Uganda, and 10,000 school places across five other African countries by 2017, 80% of which will be free at the point of use.
What makes us different is the innovative SmartAid model that we use - within
a year, PEAS schools become self-sustaining and run independently of UK
fundraising. Every school place we create is sustainable, meaning it is available year on year, giving far more children the opportunity for an education than the traditional child sponsorship model.

PEAS does not just have the aim of building schools, we want our schools to be the best low fee schools in Africa. The PEAS Uganda team are dedicated to
upholding educational quality and financial transparency in our schools through regular education inspections and audits.