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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common cause of disability in young people. Once diagnosed it will affect the rest of a person's life. The charity MS Research is “Looking forward to seeing the back of MS!” We aim to fund high quality research and to seek better ways of treating MS.

The charity MS Research has been supporting research into multiple sclerosis for over 20 years. Initially based in London, the charity moved to Bristol in
2001 and has been supporting research projects in the West of England for 12 years. The charity also helped to set up BrAMS the Bristol and Avon Clinical MS Clinical Centre at Frenchay Hospital where it currently funds the MS Research Unit.

We believe research is vital in order to:
•find better answers to the problems those who have MS and those close to them face every day
•maximise vital opportunities to bring us closer to an eventual cure
•help to overcome the inadequacies and inequalities of treatment
•further our understanding of MS and its impact.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition that doesn’t give those with the disease a day off. MS affects young adults and sometimes children. It is the most common cause of disability in young people and once diagnosed will affect the rest of a person’s life. This means an adult life-time of battling against symptoms like muscle weakness often with loss of mobility, fatigue, tremor, bladder and bowel problems, sensory problems, difficulty walking and visual impairment. MS affects one person in 100,000.

To understand the disease and search for solutions research needs to be equally relentless. With effective research we can solve problems, deliver better treatments or contribute to finding the information we need for a cure.

MS Research Treatment & Education is funded entirely by donations and every penny raised goes toward “looking forward to seeing the back of MS”