Labrador Welfare

HQ Location: 
South Yorkshire

Location of benefit: 
UK only (local)

Labrador Welfare helps Labrador Retrievers who through no fault of their own need to find new homes.
We have been a registered charity since 1992.
we cover the North East, Yorkshire, North Notts, North Lincs, North Derbyshire and parts of Cheshire.
Dogs of 9 years plus go to foster homes where we pay all vet bills. Dogs that come through with exisitng medical conditions or behaviourla problems join our sponsor dog scheme where we pay vet bills for the named condition. These schemes are supported buy our 50 Club and regular donations.
We use private boarding kennels for the dogs whilst they are looking for new homes as we can never find enough foster homes for them. All our helpers are volunteers and we have no overheads.