Hope Carriers Trust

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Worldwide (including UK)

A non profit organisation working to help the homeless in the UK and to provide assistance to the desperately poor people in eastern Europe.

At home in Hereford, we provide temporary accomodation and food to homeless people. This shelter gives a much needed breathing space so that individuals have an opportunity to find a longer term solution to their needs, such as help from social services, and to get themselves back on track once more.
This support function is vital to help these poor people transition to a stable future.

In Eastern Europe we have several projects where we endeavour to protect the children in need in Romania. This work was inspired by a vision in 1997 from God, to help the suffering people in Romania; to provide them with work and a home to live in. Unfortunately, we cannot do this alone and there are still so many people out in Romania that need your help. We are planning to refurbish a building in Oșorhei and extend the property, so that we can give more children a clean and safe place to stay, instead of the dangerous streets that they are used to.