Headway East London

HQ Location: 
Greater London

Location of benefit: 
UK only (local)

Every year 40,000 Londoners are admitted to hospital with a brain injury. Due to improvements in medical care, an increasing number survive and are left with permanent disabilities. This often results in survivors losing the things that give their lives meaning, for example; their independence, the capacity to make decisions for themselves, their jobs, relationships or hobbies.

Headway East London supports survivors of brain injury: people of all ages who have had a stroke, been attacked, been hit by a car, had a brain tumour or an illness like meningitis. Things that could happen to any one of us, in a moment, and change our lives irrevocably. We help these survivors and their families cope with the practical and emotional consequences of brain injury, through advice and advocacy, therapies, support groups and a Community Centre based in Hackney. Our vision is to provide people with an opportunity to be valued, respected and part of a community.