Family Haven

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The Family Haven is a small local charity based in Spa Road,Gloucester, which provides practical help and support to deprived and vulnerable families with pre-school children living in the County of Gloucestershire. Families living in B&B or unsuitable accommodation, those with mental health issues, victims of domestic violence and pre-school children with special or additional needs – they all receive practical and emotional support.

We work with the hard to reach sector of society, many of our families live in social isolation and feel excluded from the community. We positively engage with these families and help them to feel valued. By doing so they feel a sense of self worth and are more inclined to feel part of the community.

We promote understanding, tolerance and respect towards each other. Our services remain flexible, non-judgemental and confidential, providing equal opportunity to all. This helps build confidence and self esteem which in turn reduces the gap in health, poverty and social exclusion.

We provide a friendly environment where families can mix socially and support each other. We encourage ‘buddying’ where clients who are more able can offer support and understanding, as well as sharing some of their own experiences. This support goes on outside The Family Haven and forges friendships and support for the future. This gives the families a real feeling of belonging in the community.