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Erin Hounds was founded in 2009 in response to the huge numbers of abandoned and abused greyhounds and lurchers in Ireland. We rescue these dogs from a variety of situations and bring them to the UK, where we find them loving permanent homes. We aim to foster as many of our dogs as possible in order to fully assess their character, and carry out careful and thorough home checks in order to match the right dog to the right home. All our dogs are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and follow-up support is given to adoptive families. We also aim to educate the public about the problems of overbreeding and sighthound abuse in Ireland.

Erin Hounds in the News

Team M G... How a puppy called Magee took one step forward, two wobbly steps back and a final stride into a happy home due to Olympian team work, coordinated by Erin Hounds.

Lurcher Magee was surrendered to the North West SPCA in Ballina, County Mayo as a puppy. Erin Hounds took him as two weeks earlier his mother, Callie had also come to us (Callie is happily homed now too. Ed). Magee was thin and full of worms but a bubbly little lad. After a week or so of good food in kennels, he had a growth spurt causing his legs to bow like rickets. He had to have very restricted exercise with no play so that they didn’t worsen through his main growing period which was very challenging for both Magee and his carers!

He was moved to K9 interaction in the UK where this situation had been managed before with another lurcher rescued by the Galway SPCA. There, Magee had minimal exercise but was mentally stimulated as much as possible. He was fed 8 tiny meals a day for interest and stimulation and carried to the training lessons taking place elsewhere on site, where he met calm, trained dogs to learn his social skills and would often spend the lesson in the teacher’s arms or bag! He would socialise and have very controlled play with carefully selected dogs. Everything was about filling his mind without putting any strain on his body. He was kept extremely lean with a high quality diet that would nourish him with as little in the way of fillers as possible to avoid growth spurts or weight gain. In the early days, he grew completely erratically, sometimes being inches higher at one end of his body than the other, then a week later it would be the other way round. As he reached 8 - 9 months of age, his growth started to level out and he grew at a more steady and balanced rate.

He was then fostered in Sheffield to confirm he was as safe with cats as he appeared to be and was able to go for walks. We had an enquiry from a family looking to get Reuben, their current Erin hound, a friend and the rest is history.