Creating Better Futures

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Creating Better Futures is a UK charity set up in 2012. Staffed solely by volunteers, we’re devoted to meeting the education and welfare needs of vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

We work with Rotary International and our projects are overseen by the Rotary Club of Harare City. Rotary believes in promoting peace, preventing diseases, providing access to clean water and sanitation, enhancing maternal and child health, improving basic education and literacy and helping communities develop.

Sponsoring an orphan changes their lives; it gives them skills, vision and motivation.

£15 a month pays for primary or secondary school fees, two school meals a day, basic medical care, school uniform and stationery. It reassures the orphans that school fees will be paid for the rest of their education.
You’ll receive progress reports, photos and handwritten letters every term.
You can write back either by email or by letter. We’ll send you a monthly newsletter about our latest projects.

Creating Better Futures makes a difference on a bigger scale; £1,500 refurbishes a classroom, £2,500 builds new toilet facilities, £3,500 drills a borehole providing a community with safe drinking water and £5,000 builds a new classroom.

Dorothy Dix, our founder member, has experienced firsthand how Rotary changes people’s lives through education and believes passionately about child sponsorship. Her own experience inspired her to join the Rotary Club of Reading Matins.

Creating Better Futures gives vulnerable children the opportunity to go to school which makes a huge difference to their lives. We have staff ‘on the ground’ in rural Zimbabwe and work with churches, communities, orphanages and schools.We are unique in that our UK and Zimbabwean team are all volunteers. 93p out of every £1 donated goes towards our projects in Zimbabwe which is considerably more than larger charities with paid employees.

We feed 2,000 children at schools every day and provide food for children whose families can't afford to eat. We currently sponsor 98 orphans through their primary and secondary education (2016).

For our feeding programme, parents and guardians help carry water to make fortified porridge and a maize-based nutritional drink called maheu which is served to the children at their schools.

The children are fed twice a day and sharing food, skills and stories brings everyone together.