Cheshire Search & Rescue Team

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Cheshire Search and Rescue Team (CSAR) was set up in 2004 after a local teenager went missing in suspicious circumstances. It was realised, during the searches that Warrington needed a search and rescue team and advertisements where placed in the local papers in January 2004. These adverts attracted 24 volunteers whose common aim was to serve the Warrington community.
By April 2004 Cheshire Police was aware of the team and asked that the team cover the whole of Cheshire, and not just Warrington. By May 2005 the team had passed the assessments requested by the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue to become a fully active search team.
Since then the team has grown to one of over 40 active members and 3 support members, and will also now travel into the Merseyside and Greater Manchester areas, as well as Cheshire, to help neighbouring police forces when needed.