Beds Garden Carers

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Our Vision
Creating a society that values and includes every person with a learning
We want to be like you, do the things you do and take for granted.
‘Independent’ living for us is still having someone to help us with such things as paying bills, doing the shopping, housework, reading letters.
We are trying but some of us will never get there on our own.
We want to choose who we live with and where just like you can.
We want to go out to work like you but for most of us this will not happen.
Not all of us can read and write - most of us will never drive a car.
Freedom of choice and the ability to make informed choice is not ours.
We want to have intimate relationships, maybe have children, but very few of us will.
We live next door to you but in a different world.
We have been hidden in institutions for decades and now want to be part of your society, just like you.
Our Mission
To identify and provide support and development for each adult with a
learning disability who uses our service, appropriate to the needs of that
Our Aims
To increase and extend opportunities for the active and meaningful
participation of adults with a learning disability in every aspect of their
lives and community, in particular:
•       To improve independent living skills
•       To improve self confidence and self esteem
•       To provide work experience
•       To enable development of social skills
Our charitable objects are;
•       the relief of people with learning disabilities and;
•       to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for the recreation or
other leisure time occupation for people with learning disabilities.
Our Values
People with learning disabilities have the right to:
•       an ordinary pattern of life within the community
•       be treated as an individual
•       receive information and support to make informed choices and to develop
their maximum potential
•       gain personal satisfaction through social, learning and work
•       equality of opportunity whatever their culture, religion or belief, race,
age, gender or sexual orientation
•       tell us what they think and what they want. This will guide what we do.