Ape Action Africa

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Ape Action Africa rescues orphaned gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys, most of whom have lost their families to the illegal trade in primate meat. We care for over 350 primates in a tranquil forest in Cameroon, the nearest environment to the wild that we can give them.

Gorillas and chimpanzees are endangered and we will lose them in the wild in a generation if the current rate of killing is not stopped. Great ape meat is now a luxury that is smuggled around the world at exorbitant prices, making it a valuable trade for those at the top of the poaching and smuggling gangs. These magnificent animals are slow to breed and cannot keep up with the rate of slaughter.

To protect primates that are still living in the wild, we work hard in schools and local villages so that people learn to love the amazing biodiversity in Cameron and understand why it is so important to protect it. Our environmental classes are focussed on primates but we talk about what people can do to preserve their environment. Last year, we spoke to over 18,000 people in schools and outreach.

We are a UK charity that receives no government funding so we rely entirely on our supporters to help us protect Cameroon's primates.