Animal Care in Egypt

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The working donkeys and horses of Luxor need our help. They are often overloaded, suffering from sores caused by badly fitting harnesses and injured in road accidents and fires. Our vets provide immediate. free treatment for them and strive to educate their owners in animal welfare. Our education programme teaches children how to care for and respecr all animals.
ACE's animal hospital is the only place in Luxor where vets can carry out the life saving operations so desperately needed. Up to 30 donkeys and horses can recover in our stables where they receive constant care until they are fit to return to their owners. ACE vets also provide routine treatments - dentistry and farriery, treating sores and wounds, assisting births and spaying and neutering cats and dogs. All this is free - it has to be, as the animals' owners are to poor to pay. So we need your help to carry on this vital work. Thank you.