African Revival

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African Revival is a growing, ambitious charity with around 20 staff based at offices in London, Uganda and Zambia. We believe education is the key to overcoming poverty, and our vision is an Africa where every child has equal access to quality education.

Known for our holistic, responsive and innovative approach, we work with primary and nursery schools in Uganda and Zambia, two of the poorest countries in the world, to allow every child to fulfil their potential. We don’t just build classrooms, we empower whole communities – pupils, teachers and parents – to transform government and parent-run schools into thriving learning environments that build brighter, better futures.

This is what we do:

·Build and improve school infrastructure (including classrooms, dormitories, latrines and washrooms)

·Help teachers through training and support them to work towards qualifications

·Assist staff with school development plans

·Improve girls’ education/health and reduce female dropouts by training more female teachers, building washrooms for girls and running girls’ sensitization workshops

·Provide schools with high quality teaching and learning resources, play materials and age-specific furniture

·Establish school gardens to benefit the whole school community

·Support rural parent-run schools so they can attract government-trained teachers and more funding