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Roadworthy Cause

Last week, I donated my car to charity. Who knew you could do that? It was an old Mini that had cost me £625 the month after I passed my test, and it had limped on between MOTs ever since. Hunting around for somebody just to take it away, I came across Giveacar. They scrap your car and donate the proceeds to charity. If you’ve got an old car that’s about to die, use them. What a great idea.

Hugo Rifkind - August 2010

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See right hand side for video coverage. February 2011

The Innovator - Tom Chance, Scrap Merchant

Two million cars will shuffle off their mortal coil in Britain this year. Chance is hoping you’ll send them his way – and raise some money for charity in the process. January 2011

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See right hand side for video coverage. January 2011

A Crushing Success

The aim is to get an even bigger cut of the 2m cars that are taken off Britain's roads annually. December 2010

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Turn your scrapped car into cash for charity

A new scheme that converts old bangers into money for charity has raised more than £150,000 for good causes so far this year. December 2010

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Bangers and Cash - a Charity Boost

December 2010

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Old Bangers turned into money for charity

A green entrepreneur has raised £150,000 for charity - by taking people's old cars away for recycling. October 2010

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Showing His Mettle

What do you do with your car when it comes to the end of the road? When faced with this dilemma, geography graduate Tom Chance not only solved the problem, but also came up with the idea for his own business. May 2011

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If you're driven to give to charity...

June 2012

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