Donate Used Kawasaki 1400GTR GRAND TOURER to Charity

How can you get rid of a motorcycle quickly and for free, earn some money and make a difference all at the same time? With Giveacar, we'll take your Kawasaki, never charge you a penny and give you half of the value of the bike back, giving the other half to a charity of your choice. There's no better way to mark the end of your bike's time with you than to make sure it will go on to transform some other lives.

Because you can name any charity registered in the UK, you can give anywhere. Scout hut need a facelift? Church need a new roof? Maybe you've come back from somewhere where your donation can make a difference between life and death? Or perhaps there's a charity that's helped you out in the past and this year you want to really do your bit and repay them properly.

We can scrap bikes but we can also auction them, helping to raise even more for charity. Giveacar will always try and get the best price for your Kawasaki, and because we're big on recycling if we can't sell it we'll make sure over 70% of the metal and other bits are used again, so whatever happens you know we're getting the most out that we can. If your bike is a Ninja right up to a Zephyr, we'll be proud to take your bike and turn it into a proper charity donation.